How to Pack Your Jewelry for Travel


Traveling somewhere fun I take it? Time to talk jewelry packing! Here are some great tips for a hassle free experience.

Plan your accessories according to your outfits, then pack them in the way you’ve planned them. A great way to do this is by using zip lock bag, place the bag on a flat surface and pass you hand over it to empty it of air, finish zipping the bag. This will keep the pieces from rubbing against each other and will keep them organized in sets according to outfits.

You can easily mark the zip lock bags to remind yourself of the outfit they’re meant for.

Find great advice for outfit planning even when going on long trips in this fun video by Sonia Gil.

Chains and necklaces get tangled, yes we know, and we have you covered. Hop on here for a pretty necklace/ bracelet packing buddy that doubles as a cute temporary display at your hotel room. Downloadable for free just coz we luv ya!


Ok! On to bangles: Provide support for bangle bracelets by placing them on your rolled scarves or socks.

Always protect your pieces from travel damage by wrapping them up with soft fabric to minimize abrasion. If keeping them in their original boxes is not an option, go for 1 solid box to protect them from being squished and wrap each item in a tissue paper or a piece of soft cloth to keep them from scratching each other. Don’t forget to separate your earring pairs too as they may also scratch each other.

Did you know that every piece of Masymetric jewelry comes with a complimentary velvet travel pouch? Check out our gorgeous collections here.

It is worth investing in a specialized padded travel bag that will help minimize scratches and tangling. Here is a great product by pottery barn. Also check out this beauty by the gorgeous Canadian brand Mejuri.
Another option is multi purpose jewelry pouches. Here’s a super cute one.


Pro Tip

Always take less than you think you need. Take pieces that work well with many outfits and get creative on using your pieces in unconventional ways, like wearing a chain necklace as a multi layered bracelet.

All done? Time to go have some fun!